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Welcome to Chris Brunt Engineering
CBE provides a comprehensive range of acoustical analysis and consulting services for the Aviation Industry.

We specialize in the sophisticated analysis of "In-Flight" interior noise in corporate VIP aircraft and recommendations for the most effective Cabin Noise Reduction Systems, Technologies and Components with the ultimate goal of achieving the quietest aircraft interiors possible.

CBE has unparalleled experience in developing and recommending the most appropriate Cabin Noise Reduction Systems for corporate aircraft. This experience is based on over 40 years of extensive in-flight testing on almost every type of aircraft and insulation system and is supported by a wide ranging program of in-laboratory materials testing.
We have provided the primary acoustical design support for a large number of very successful, high efficiency Cabin Noise Reduction Systems installed in a wide variety of mid-sized, large and very large corporate aircraft.

Our successes includes more than 40 of the quietest BBJs (Boeing B737 Business Jets)
in service and a number of "ultra quiet" Boeing 767s and Boeing 747s. This extensive list also includes a number of Boeing 757s, Boeing 727s, Airbus A318s, A319s, A330s, A340s, various Gulfstreams, Bombardiers and a variety of passenger carrying helicopters, military and small aircraft.
Recent successes include a Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" in which extraordinarily low noise levels were achieved: less than 45 dB-SIL(3) for the Master Bedroom and less than 48 dB-SIL(3) for the Front Main Lounge (41,000 ft and 0.85 Mach typical high speed, high altitude cruise configuration)..